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Sex life in istanbul


Is Istanbul in Asia or Europe?

Istanbul is in both Europe and Asia. The older neighborhoods of Sultanahmet and Beyoğlu are part of Europe. Some of the younger parts of the city (such as Üsküdar and other suburbs) line the east bank of the Bosporus and are thus in Asia. The majority of city, though, remains on the European side.


Sex Work in Istanbul

By Preston Price     One particular experience I had in Turkey happened to relate to the material covered throughout the course on the topic of the sex industry.  We have read many articles on this topic as well as having watched a video on sex workers.  The particular experience of mine took place in Taksim […]


A Backpacker’s Guide to Hostel Sex

Alcohol, anonymity, exotic locations and a lack of inhibitions; it’s going to happen. Holding hands you stumble back to your hostel, stealing glances, the occasional kiss and then it occurs to you; where do we go? Hostel sex is one of those topics that a lot of people cringe at and yet the amount times […]


Gay Night Clubs in Istanbul

The venues listed in the category are all gay-exclusive. Almost all of these are open / busy after midnight and some of them are only open on Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) TEKYON CLUB 23:00-05:00 Address: Siraselviler Caddesi, No 63/1 Taksim/Beyoglu. Istanbul. The most popular gay night club of the recent years, packed up on Friday and Saturday […]


Best places to do it in Istanbul

I wish I knew. I’m a classic, conservative and uptight person. (Ha!) The places I’ve done it include my bed at home, my previous homes, several  friends’ homes, the summer homes of friends and relatives, hotel rooms in Abant, Ankara, Bodrum, Didim and some countries in the Balkans, my home in Moscow, my tent in […]


Brothels in Istanbul for +18 Adults

Nearby one of the streets which is busiest in Istanbul, houses of ordinary rows that catches a secret to convert a stranger into more of the foreigners here. The residences are the labor place of a few of Istanbul’s sexual workers area. A lot of these sex workers have been enforced into the traffic by shortage […]